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Who is TrÜfit?
So Hi I’m Jodie. I have been instructing group fitness for over 5 years now, my previous career so different – I was a social worker. However the need to health and support others has always been there. As a child I danced and as I grew older I utilised my passion for fun fitness to impact on my own health and well-being. I took a career change fully at the end of 2018 and stepped full time into fitness. After working for an exercise brand and operating in another local gym site TrÜfit was born. The ethos behind the brand TrÜfit simply came down to what I stood for and that was important to me. The meaning behind TrÜfit is about honest and a realistic approach to health and fitness.

Aims and Objectives
For TrÜfit its about offering the community a safe and inviting space for people to start and continue their health and fitness goals. It’s more than just the physical aspect of training but also supporting the emotional well being aspect so clients feel empowered to step outside comfort zones.
TrÜfit offers a gym, personal training and group fitness. Located in the heart of the Cotswolds I invite you to come pop us a visit.

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